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Graduate Farmer is a social enterprise that connects young men and women in Kenya to solar powered irrigation systems, practical “hands on” training and agricultural information that will empower them from becoming job seekers to creators through agribusiness.

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Getting into farming without the right skills can be a disastrous thing. Nothing comes easy and you have train, get the right mentality for your farming venture to take off.


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Types of Irrigation Systems

Irrigation is the artificial watering system from a source other than rain. The primary

Basic Steps to Follow When Installing a Solar System

Ensure the roof area or other installation site is capable of handling the desired

Advantages of using a Solar Pump for your Farm

A reliable and clean water supply is an essential need in Kenya but a

How Drip Irrigation Increases Your Crop Yields

A farmer in Kenya who can do a thorough job of watering with hose

Graduate Farmer Gravity Drip Irrigation Kit

The preferred economical solution for smallscale farmers in Kenya; Saves water Increases yields and improved crop Precise

Drip Irrigation Components You May Need

As water becomes more scarce and expensive, the popularity of drip irrigation has increased