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6pcs Walkie Talkies (1.KM-3KM Range)

We know that when working on a large property, you need to communicate across large distancesinstantly, from devices that can stand up to the task, that can recover from being dropped in the mud, with battery life that will last until the full work-shift is done.

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Would you like to no longer rely on mobile phone reception to communicate? How much more productive could you or your staff be communicating on the go instead of standing in a single spot or having to climb a hill for coverage?

Farms of any size can benefit from our two-way radios. Rural areas in Kenya often have cellular dead spots where mobile phones simply do not work as there is no coverage. In addition to this, workers are spread over a wide area, with teams or individuals attending to different tasks throughout the day. Using two-way radios means that workers can ask for help if they need it and everyone knows who is where and doing what. If a worker in a remote location finds an injured animal, help can be summoned quickly, without the worker needing to return to his or her base or to an area with mobile phone reception. In addition, farming equipment is dangerous and can cause serious injuries that, if left untreated, could be fatal. Carrying a walkie-talkie means that one can shout for help in an emergency, even when working alone.


Brand Name: RETEVIS
Maximum Range: 1.5km-3km
Storage Channel: 16CH
Material: ABS+PC
Handy: 2 way radio
Frequency Range: UHF:400-470 MHz
Dimensions: 60X33X115mm
Battery capacity: 1000mAh


  • Built-in Led torch
  • Power saving function


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